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Windows 8 to support USB 3.0

Microsoft on their official blog has confirmed that the Windows 8 will made to support USB 3.0.

However it’s still depend on what model are those devices, only new model of computer and laptop are ready for the USB 3.0. It estimated in 2015, USB 3.0 will completely been implemented.

Microsoft has also produced a special USB testing tools to simulate the device behaviour, observe the compatibility of a large number of third-party hardware vendors to ensure that the USB device in Windows 8 can be perfectly run.

windows 8 usb 3.0

USB 3.0 is way more faster than USB 2.0. The most significant improvement is the theoretical transmission speed of more than 10 times, enable user to use just 80 seconds to transfer a high-definition movies. While the USB 2.0 acquire 15 minutes to do that.

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