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Siti Nur Fatihah kidnapped

Lately we all were surprised by the ‘Diarang accident’, today there’s another missing case has happened.

A 15 year old girl,Siti Nur Fatihah believed kidnaped while went out for prepaid credit reloads to a nearby mobile phone shop near her home in Taman Tas.

For those who have information please call the police or her parents at 019-9813361 and 019-9897807.

200312-phg-CRM-culikpelajartamantas</p><br /><br />
<p> KUANTAN 19  Mac 2012 - DARI kiri  Nor Mala Mohd. Lazin, bersama suaminya, Mahadi Muda, 40, dan anaknya, Siti Nurul Aishah, 11, menunjukkan gambar anak<br /><br /><br />
sulung mereka, Siti Nur Fatihah Mahadi, 15,  yang didakwa  dilarikan oleh sebuah kenderaan berwarna gelap ketika hendak membeli kad tambah nilai telefon bimbit di sebuah kedai berhampiran dengan rumahnya di Taman Tas di sini semalam.</p><br /><br />
<p> Berita dan Gambar: Khairatul Ainal Abdul Karim

Siti Nur Fatihah Mahadi (Left in the picture) was walking to a shop with her two siblings at about 3pm and a car pulled up next to them then a man got out and bundled her into the vehicle.

Siti Nurul Aisyah said a Malay woman was driving the deep purple-coloured Honda car with another man inside.

“My sister was shouting for help. My brother and I tried to save her. We can only watch as the car sped away,” she said at their home in Taman Tas on Monday.

Siti Nur Fatihah’s mother Normala Mohd Lazin said she tried calling the daughter’s handphone but it was switched off.

“Please return my daughter. Please don’t hurt her, she said.

Pls share this entry, Siti Nur Fatihah kidnapped to raise more public attention to find her back!

* UPDATE : Siti Nur Fatihah was found in Selantan of Thailand! Cheers!

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