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Pilihanraya Umum 13

A big question in the people mind over the whole nation – When will be the Pilihanraya umum 13 (general election 13th)?

The Prime Minister Najib most recent respond was he claimed that he has a date in mind but cannot reveal when is the exact will the election 13 be..

Todays on the newspaper, the arrangement of spots look interesting! No sure whether the editor purposely make it or not :


- Pilihan raya umum sudah dekat.. lebih banyak bantuan rakyat akan diumumkan LOL..

Let’s dive back to these bantuan that had been done previously :

1. BR1M

2. RM100 for students

3. RM200 book voucher for campus students

Pilihan raya Umum 13 highlight : Due to the high intensive ‘tackle’ and ‘revelation’ of many political materials online, this election is worth to catch up.

Pilihanraya Umum 13 is approaching, get yourself ready to vote!

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