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Permohonan Kursus Perguruan KPLSPM 2012

Permohonan Kursus Perguruan KPLSPM 2012

First of all congratulation to all the SPM 2011 candidates who scored well in the exam. Thumb up to you guys some more who willing to become an educator as career.

There are various field that you can participate, and thus the requirement for each field is actually slightly different. For example your English scored A in SPM, but you are advised not to apply for a math teacher position with your Math D in SPM.

Before I go forward, let’s see whether you meet the requirement or not for this Permohonan Kursus Perguruan KPLSPM 2012 or not.

Basic Eligibility Requirements :

- Citizens of Malaysia
- Not more than 20 years on June 30 2012 that’s born on or after June 30, 1992
- Candidates must be physically and mentally healthy
- Candidates must be active in extra-curricular activities in school
- SPM with distinction in any of the three subjects and at least three credits in the following subjects
Bahasa Melayu, History, One of other subjects and pass in English.

Apply Kursus Perguruan KPLSPM 2012

1. Get PIN from nearby BSN (cost RM6 per PIN)

2. Log in to here & proceed with the instruction given.

* Note : 1) PIN available starting 22 March.

2) One application only for one PIN number

3) Candidate can updates the details using the exist PIN but only before the closing date of the application.

4) Incomplete details may cause application to be reject.

Permohonan Kursus Perguruan KPLSPM 2012 closing date : 5 April 2012

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