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Mawi house robbed

26/3 2012 – Mawi house robbed.

Mawi’s banglo in Bangi, Selangor robbed in the early of this morning reported by the news. The house members included Mawi himself, with another 3 members who is his wife, Nora Asikin, his mother in law, Fatimah Saad and their grandmother, Salmah Sahar were tided by the robbers.

However their newly born daughter Cahaya Malaikat and the maids were fine. According to the witness, twins belong to Ekin, Nora Ain Rahmat said the house was broke by the robbers when all the members of the house were sleeping. While Mawi at that time was in on his way back from Johor.

mawi house broke

Mawi house robbed

The robbers were first knock the door of their grandmother before tided them and ask their maid to hand over the money and the jewellery.

The robbers escaped with wallet of Mawi & Fatimah, cell phones and few accessories estimated RM10, 000 in total. 

They said they are still grateful because in this incident there were no injury happen.

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