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Contoh Resume Bahasa Melayu

Are you looking for Contoh Resume Bahasa Melayu? If yes then you just dropped at the right place!

Everyone of us know our resume is crucial for job application because it’s like a rough reflection of our details before being interview personally.

Contoh resume is just a sample but still it’s very helpful as a guidance or formal format for those who have no experience in this thing.

As there’s a great demand for our Malaysia community on a Bahasa resume, so this contoh resume below actually is a resume that is written in Bahasa Malaysia.

Contoh Resume Bahasa Melayu


If you prefer English resume than the Bahasa Melayu, never mind you just replace the language but still try to follow the format. Please note that resume that you google may different from our country standard.

We appreciate your share of this entry, Contoh Resume Bahasa Melayu if you found it helped you thanks!

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