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Use Google like a Pro

How to use Google like a Pro? In this 21th century, you probably need to upgrade yourself on how to Google the web, and there’s NO “I don’t know” if you’re on a PC. You can solve many problems and know almost anything if your fingertips know what to type into Google search bar. Here’s few tips I want to share with you.

Btw I’m not talking about how to do like ‘barrel row’ or ‘let it snow’ etc effects on Google..

Tips 1 : Use your regional Google extension

Google return different results when you use your country search extension like instead of just It’s more accurate to do so as Google algorithm has done a great job on determine which site is reliable to rank. You may see more valuable local website to appear.


Tips 2 : Long tail keywords to reach more specified searches

Don’t worry you’ll get nothing, many of the people waste their time click to the next page of results search using main keyword. Try to combo 3-4 keywords to perform an accurate and specified search.


Tips 3 : Regional language work fine.

Probably only the people in your country know only how to speak your way. It doesn’t matter you try your regional language in Google. I believe some government website don’t use English.


Tips 4 : Explore the Google Advance search

I don’t want to tell the details here about the advance feature here because that’s too much. The useful feature like time range search, advance image search, real time google plus‘s spark, google alert etc.. Try to play with these thing..

Practice make perfect. Google like a pro ? Just I know how to Google that’s make sense..

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