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Undo Facebook timeline

Facebook keep changing and the latest dislike thingy for many users is the Facebook timeline. Hwo to undo Facebook timeline? Any method or way? Nope you can’t.. Why?

Here’s several reasons why you must accept your Facebook profile to have a thing called timeline :

facebook timeline

- To prevent algorithm conflict

Facebook did give some time to their users to keep the old profile style but also claimed they will left al the old stuff behind and implement the new features over the entire site. Thus there’s no way to change Facebook decision. I know there are 3rd party ‘profile beautifier’ out there by using certain software, but the visual change do not apply for other people. Facebook demand the same design and layout so that they can easily organize data and information.

- To prevent confusion

This is about user experience in the future. Facebook do not keep 2 different design to confuse their users. Thus one day all the design of your profile, whether it’s timeline or other name thingy, you must accept it.

- Dare Google+?

Facebook developed few new features to compete with others. Like their new video call feature, that need appropriate design to improve the UI.

Conclusion : Undo Facebook timeline – No way.

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