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Sweet memory tool – Facebook timelinemoviemaker

Have you tried the New Facebook timeline movie maker?

You no need to flip your physical photo album because with the Facebook timeline activities of yours in Facebook, you can have a video presentation that will play back your all memory (perhaps they are sweet enough) from the day you start using Facebook.

Facebook timeline might get dislike by many, but this app is worth to try because it really add value to Facebook timeline as an extra feature / something is cool :


This app will grab your photos and videos even including your activities to make you a stunning flash back. You can customize the pictures as well as choose the theme of video presentation that you like (romances, fast etc).


However you can only share this app link to Facebook, unless you use 3rd party tool to download your video and then reupload it to share with your friend.

Give yourself a try : Timelinemoviemaker

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