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Radio Malaysia Online

Do you like to listen to radio online? Let’s have a topic about Radio Malaysia Online.

Apps like Grooveshark & Jango didn’t meet my music taste requirement. I don’t like just the songs being playing all the day. I still prefer local DJs and localized topic on the local radio shows. But I still hate to use the classic radio, so I found this Radio Malaysia Online which is a cool website to visit ~

Radio malaysia online

radio malaysia online

Look how sleek is the design. Very clean and smart designed. I like the most light-weight radio streaming site like this because I visit there to get the songs play only, that’s it.

This site also have a custom search bar (google) below, honestly I hardly have enough time to open and search the lyric of chorus of the songs. The lyric of the chorus is the most vital part to get the song’s name, so I enjoy the search bar so much :)

I hate some radio online site which have chat box, hey every time I visit there, the first thing is to turn off the chat notification sound. The unnecessary chat box also make my browser became heavy :(

I think the strength of this radio online site is still its ‘speed of switch’ to other channels. I think the tabs are the ajax made menu, thus it require no reload on the entire site to switch channel. Yeah that’s really help me to get grid of some lame program sometime!

Do you visit certain site or a better site that can stream Radio Malaysia Online like ? Please share with me if have any, thanks!

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