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New Perodua Alza SR – RM53k

Looking for the New Perodua Alza? The new Perodua Alza was launched on the 1st Febuary of  year 2012. This car official name is actually Perodua Alza Smart Ride (SR).

Some of the highlights mentioned by Perodua inside the their promo treatise of Produa Alza SR are

i) Allow the second row passenger to adjust seats to suite their most comfortable seating position.

ii) Longer and wider opening enables easy entry and exist. The 3-step rear door opening minimises the possibility of knocking into the car next to you.

iii) The seating height makes it easy to step out of the car. 

Perodua Alza SR

Perodua Alza SR front view :

Perodua Alza SR price

The back view :New Perodua Alza SR

The interior view :

New Perodua Alza SR1

But another highlight of this new MPV for some people probably is the price, which is cheaper than the Perodua Alza Standard variant :

Perodua Alza SR Price

  • Perodua Alza SR 1.5 BX (Manual) Solid – RM53,013.50
  • Perodua Alza SR 1.5 BX (Manual) Metallic – RM53,513.50
  • Perodua Alza SR 1.5 BZ (Automatic) Solid – RM56,013.50
  • Perodua Alza SR 1.5 BZ (Automatic) Metallic – RM56,513.50

How much you like this New Perodua Alza SR which only cost up to RM53,013.50 only?

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