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Leuniey never knew Apex

Leuniey claim never knew Apex.


Natasha Leuniey’s controversy with Apek recently has make she come forward to settle the matter. Due to Apek now beginning to gain people attention and popularity, Khairul Fahmi also had hired bodyguards with him, in the same time made a history that he became the first national local footballer who have bodyguards.

Leuniey said her engagement lost matter doesn’t have any relation with Apek (Khairul Fahmi) but because of her personal problems.

“That’s why I feel the need to come forward to give an explanation for all the claims about Apek be cause of my fiancée off to all defamatory smear his name.

“I hope my explanation can retain the good name of Apek and end this controversy.” she said.

She however do not want to elaborate on the actual cause of her engagement lost with his fiancée.

Leuniey also hope the fake news spreader to stop because that can spoil the good name of a person and the family name as well.

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