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Leuniey Natasha scandal of Khairul Fahmi?

Leuniey Natasha scandal of Khairul Fahmi?

Khairul Fahmi is our national top and handsome football goal keeper. His achievement and good looking appearance make him sometime been treat like a star by the people. Because of that he has to deal with gossip and controversy. Last time his issue with Shida Harmi had made him even more popular today.

According to what people were saying, he broke the relationship with his girlfriend Dahlia Teck. Some claimed that he is now with a girl named Leuniey Natasha.

Leuniey Natasha scandal Khairul Fahmi?

I’ve no idea who is this girl, here is how she look :

Leuniey Natasha

Leuniey Natasha1

There’s also gossip about Leuniey Natasha had cancel her engagement with her Fiancé because of Khairul Fahmi. However we need to wait to confirm the truth behind these matter.

This entry, “Leuniey Natasha scandal of Khairul Fahmi?” didn’t make any statement but forward the gossip around the web.

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