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KFC i-city worker fight with customer

Trending news in Malaysia : KFC i-city worker fight with customer.

Someone had uploaded a video on Youtube regard a worker of KFC @ i-city had punched and kicked a customer.

I think this worker should get ban permanently from KFC because of his unprofessional and the ‘samseng’ act to the customer.


KFC i-city worker fight with customer

>> video click here <<

Customers is always right, don’t he clear about that? I think KFC training programme for their staff do taught them how to behave & serve customers.

The story line that reported by the around audience :

The customer has been waiting for more than 1 hour but when comes to his turn, there is NO MORE fried chicken for him. Then the customer request the management to apologize but the Store Manager do nothing for that matter. Then a worker shouted :”kalau mau makan, buat sendiri lah BABI..”

OMG is this true? I haven’t meet any rude customer services from KFC. Btw, human are imperfect.

KFC i-city worker fight with customer, what is your opinion? For me that mad worker should be in jail now.

* updated, found a funny cartoon joke made on Facebook

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