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Japan to build lift to reach the Moon

23 Feb 2012 TOKYO - Yesterday a Japanese construction firm claimed that they would able to put the tourists for just 40 years long and to lift them up to the moon which would need travel for 96,000 kilometres (km) from the Earth.

Firm Obayashi Corp claimed that the lift can be constructed using the carbon nanotube technology that is 20 times stronger than the steel.

It said the lift can carry up to 30 passengers at once and move at the speed of 200 kilometers per hour for a week.

The project leader, Satomi Katsuyama said, the tourists will stay in the station while a group of researchers and experts will continue the journey.

“People over the years impressed with the high tower. We will build this lift from space and not the Earth,” he said.

Although Katsuyama confident the plan would succeed, he has not set the estimated cost, location and financiers to build the structure.

The firm is building the tallest building in Japan, Tokyo Sky Tree, which is as high as 634 meters.

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