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Increase wi-fi speed, boost signal

How to increase wi-fi speed? I’ll share my experience and explain the hype here as well.

LAN vs Wifi who win?

I sat beside the wireless router, and try to compare how fast is my line by switch between wi-fi mode using my laptop and local area connection vice versa. What I found is the wi-fi connection has almost the same speed with local area connection. I emphasis ‘almost the same’ because I can’t find they have two different speed. Surprisingly the respond time of wi-fi as great as the wired connection.

Increase wi-fi speed, boost signal

The only way to boost your wi-fi speed is by having the great signal (as my exp above had explained). Unless your computer has wrong the setting, then you might want to believe those hype online. Come on the default setting in windows are fine. Those software can’t help you if your wi-fi is 1 bar signal and running slow.

Boost the signal, how?

It’s funny some claim to use a disc & place it on the wi-fi router’s antenna. From my exp, I try to boost 3G signal, that’s by implementing the same methods and follow the DIY tips. It doesn’t work! Trust me, it doesn’t help. If the ‘disc method’ work who will get a stronger router then?

The best way to boost your wi-fi speed by increase the signal bar is to get a strong receiver.


These kind of stuff are not new product. You can try to look for one in lelong, the price is so cheap, it’s less than RM200. Some unethical people use this to steal neighbour wi-fi because some seller offer some kind of program that can break the modem’s encryption easily, I advise you don’t do that..

Increase wi-fi speed, boost signal common mistakes to avoid : No software to tweak to give you 1Gbps.

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