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How to cancel Airasia insurance

Tutorial : How to cancel Airasia insurance

My impression on Airasia is although they are cheapest flight service provider in Malaysia, but they still need revenue to survive. I don’t like the online flight order process honestly, because there are many ‘spammy’ add-on. It’s good to let us know the promotion and available service, but it shouldn’t be seem hidden.

I brutally booked a ticket with paid seat when my first time with Airasia. The user experience really suck…

How to cancel Airasia insurance

Beside the paid seat ‘tricky’ thing, you also must aware of this travel insurance offer. I dislike the box is automatic ticked for me, and the continue button is won’t let me to proceed.. Yes you can cancel the travel insurance by click the cancel button, then another cancel button again on the pop-up. A** hole UI (user interface), this is my 1st time I click cancel for an option, and the cancel mean proceed.. Can I say these are the hidden charges? It doesn’t seem ‘friendly’ for me..

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