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Government to subsidise more house loan

Government to subsidise more house loan. Malaysian home consumers get massive subsidy cheer!

27 Feb 2012, MALACCA – The 336 buyers of residences at the general public housing programme in Sungai Putat, Batu Berendam, got a welcome surprise from the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday.

Government home loan

“The actual price of an apartment unit is RM148,000, but the govt. hereby to announce that the units can be sold at RM35,000 every unit” Najib said to the applause of these present at a ceremony while hand over the supply letters to the would-be-occupants.

“The difference will be subsidised by the government.”

The six blocks of three-bedroom apartment units are located on a 10.64-ha land. The project is about 90 per cent complete and owners are expected to move into their new homes in June.

In his speech, Najib said the government aspired to develop more housing projects, like the one in Sungai Putat.

He said the government had completed 65,246 homes nationwide to satisfy the needs of the people, particularly the low-income earners, as as of Dec 31.

Najib additionally said that the government would continue to have a finger on the heartbeat of the folks in implementing its policies, programmes and development comes.

Government to subsidise more house loan.

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