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Flash flood in Seremban 2012

Flash flood in Seremban 2012

There’s an unusual flash flood in Seremban during 3 Feb 2012 afternoon, that was occurred in the vicinity of Seremban. Although the rain did not last for an hour, but many areas were flooded.

The underground car park at Wisma Umno has been effected by the flood. Then other effected village are Sikamat serta Temiang areas. The KTM Berhad also said to be affected, they has to hold their public transportation services because of the flood.

seremban flood5

A flood victim, Mohs Ushrah, 47 said that the flood that frequently occur is no longer a new thing to him. According to him, every time when there’s a heavy rains, his house areas near the quarters of KTMB will be flooded and sometime there’s the soil collapse.

“I already used to it. Every time it rains me and my son will be ready to pack up certain things because we know our house will be flooded.

“Although I have another house in Sikamat, but due to some internal problems I have to sit in this house,” he said.

Flood in Seremban 2012

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seremban flood4

seremban flood

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This is the most discussed picture in Facebook, some said this guy is waiting for the boats to come to pick them lol..

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The most inconvenient thing that was caused by this 2012 flood believed was the Seremban KTM transport system :

seremban flood 2012

lol… PS-ed humour

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