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Check saman trafik online & SMS

Many doubt on how to check saman trafik online & SMS . Saman for either for vehicles or motorcycles can be check through online or with SMS.

The JPA online website (here) sometime is under construction (sigh..) so I suggest you guys better use the SMS method.


Type  POLIS SAMAN [IC number]  send to 32728

eg  891025122948 POLIS SAMAN send to  32728

If you have more than one saman and want to get more detail information, please type the following text to 32728 :

POLIS SAMAN [Vehicle Registration Number] SEMUA then send

If you want the information to be sent to your email please do the following additional step :

POLIS SAMAN [Vehicle Registration Number] [Email]  send to 32728

Eg  876543-01-9876 SUMMONS POLICE  and send to  32728

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