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Celcom broadband SKMM

Do you know there’s an offer from SKMM on Celcom broadband? Celcom broadband SKMM was listed under the 1Malaysia computer project from our government to give incentives for the internet users.

Celcom broadband SKMM offer only RM25 a month, that’s extremely low price internet package :

celcom broadband skmm

- Free for the 1st month

- Speed is 384kbps to 1.5mbps (depend on location)

- limited bandwidth (the exact amount remain unknown)

Active Celcom broadband SKMM

Type “BROADBAND ACTIVATE” and send to 28882. Then you will receive a message stated “free internet access for one month”. After the free a month session expired, reload with RM25 with the following steps :

1. SMS “broadband skmm” send to 28882

2. Reply  “YES”

3. Activated.

This Celcom broadband SMM pack RM25 is worth to try, because the lowest offer from Celcom for normal user is RM48 a month.

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