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5 sure work productivity tips online

Personal share : my 5 sure work productivity tips online.

It’s no hard to get job done online mate, it’s all about habits as well as how habits work offline. We all tend to get distract easily because this probably the new thing to us. Are you tired of keep your time wasted online? How to stop read the benefit-less timeline of Facebook, twitter’s feed, online games, instant messenger etc?

I also tried the to-do list web app, it work but not working alone, no worry I’ll share other tools that I’ve found useful to get our max productivity online daily.


5 sure work productivity tips online

# 1. Stop checking the stats.

Whether you are an internet marketer, stock player, writer or just a common internet user, don’t check the stats in the early morning. These should not be your 1st thing to do online. You will going to lost at least few minutes if you do so. Worst sometime my mood was spoiled by these stats result.

# 2. My fav web app : simple note

Simple note is a Chrome extension. I found this more useful than notepad desktop because I’ve loads of notepad created. I only use simple note for my internet marketing purpose, thus I’ll directly dive into what I suppose to focus on on that day. I also learn to create the tasks and schedules for tomorrow. Another apps I had used before like, rememberthemilk and so for work like a charm, well it’s just a personal preference I chose simple note.

# 3. Use utilise smartly

I always like to take ‘shortcut’, that’s nowadays one of the purpose of apps & software created. Like I use rss feed desktop reader rather than type in to make my life easier. Other examples like I use few of Chrome extension (facebook notification, gmail notification etc) to avoid myself to repeat what I had wasting my time for days.

# 4. Put important matter 1st

I learn this theory deeply than before after I read a book named 7 high efficiency people. In our daily basis we have things to carry on, and different of category of people they’ve different type of tasks. Like a student’s responsible is to get their study go well. I sort & split my task into small pieces, like for today’s morning (or split again into hours) what I must done before the golden period end. This habits help me to always (almost always) satisfied for what I’ve achieved. It continually to boost my confidence on other matters too.

# 5. Focus

Don’t multi-task to ensure the quality of your job ruined. I always write down the detail of ONE certain matter, and get them done carefully by putting myself enough into the ‘focus mode’.

That’s all my 5 sure work productivity tips online, anything you want to add?

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