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Who will fail to make money online?

Who will fail to make money online? This entry is not to make your mood down but discus the low rate of people who success to make a living online. Here is my personal view :

I believe 99% of online / internet users don’t make online, and the rest which is 1% who try to make money online, 99% of them fail to have a passive income stream. That’s my rough statistic. This is quite similar to a theory in a book (I forgot the name of the book) that told us in this world only 3% of the people are successful person, others don’t.. Ok but why?

Who will fail to make money online?

I like to use point form as usual, it make me easier to write.

1. Shortcut seeker. This type is the most common loser, they ask you to teach them. Some of them are not willing to learn, especially the technical matters that in facts they can’t produce money. In their eyes are just money, not internet marketing.

2. Non-discipline person. How hard to find out who is these people? Many people just know how to use their computer to play games and have fun. Only the successful internet marketer aware of the importance of discipline actually same as you stay offline. You must able to make yourself a person that not lazy, in order to have profits online. Try to think about this : what’s your qualification to make money online?

3. Time management failure. Well this is the detail of discipline. Many people used the time online but rarely look at the quality of the time spend. Some youngster out there are good brainer because they start earlier, but that’s still not the point because there are people who met computer when their are child can’t make money online even a cent.

4. Bad Environment. I experienced this before. The bad environments like slow internet speed connection, lousy computer etc just hard for you to go to the next level. You need to make yourself available to do things. If you are busy with your job whole day, how you are going to have enough time to study about make money online stuff? Get yourself a ready environment to kick start your business.

So far that’s what I want to share for now. I want to know what else problems you ever have and not been mention above. Come on in your opinion, Who will fail to make money online?

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