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What actually the Make Money Online ebook about

Tons of ebook about make money online. What actually the Make money online ebook about? If you’ve been reading these so-called make money online ebook for a period of time, I merely you know the purpose of these ebook.

Make money online ebook

is about :

1) Make money (for authors)

No much difference with those physical cover books in the book store. Many author became rich with his/her books. Same thing happen to some ebook publisher. Can’t you sense the hype in his sales speech? The main point why there’s an ebook probably is to gain some money.

2) Free ebook? Yes free but opt-in

What is opt-in? The author want to get your email and contact details to push the next sales. Do you want something free? Fill up the email and get the guide free! This is super common. Because of everyone is doing opt-in, so some guys promise no the opt-in option. But try to think for a while, will he reveal his money making online biggest secret and all of his knowledge (that he might took his whole life to learn) to you just like that?


That’s the 2 point we talked above on the purpose of those ebook and now we shift to the other edges, reveal the truth & myth of these sometime so-called guaranteed make money online ebook.

>> Ebook is for noob! always even the latest one :

I skipped reading many parts especially the beginning of the ebook. Most of the ebook starting with something that’s for the noobs. My exp told me there’s only few same points although I was reading 5 different ebook. Be aware of those marketing sales hook.

>> Ebook alternative

No doubt ebook still a good resource for us to see how is someone done this and that. But the alternative for you are the journals in forum, which somehow worth hundred times more than an ebook, that you probably need to pay for it. Journals are free and they are diary which can be our own experiences if we catch up it up and learn the lesson from the writer.


Conclusion : Ebook bring us just knowledge, you need to start to get your own exp in order to know what method work to make money, what things to avoid etc. Do we miss some points here, for you what actually the Make Money Online ebook about?


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