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Ways to Make Money Online

Ok I’m going to share some ways to make money online. Do you know how many percent of online users are able of make money online? Well many did but not reach an amount that sufficiently to make a living with their online income. Thus the ratio is so tiny. What is that tell? Make money online only for smart people? Well to make money online (I’m not talking about PTC stuff, surf ads to get pay that only enough to buy a bun with 1 week time), you must able to have more skills than the average online users, the more you know the more you make. Online or internet is just a platform, it’s a gold mine and big cheese only you are a person that know how to dig.

Ways to Make Money Online

Ways to Make Money Online

commonly there are 4 ways to make money online. Again I skipped some ‘cute stuff’ like surf ads to get paid, read emails so call to earn, refer friends to get few cent etc small buck stuff. Let’s get into the real business :

1. Network

2. Vendor

3. Affiliate

4. Publisher

Are you familiar with these? I think if you ever involve in online money making, you probably know at least one or two of these ways to make money online.

Ok for the first one is Network type business which is like Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, 9gag etc large network online business. I don’t speak much on this because quite impossible for a newbie to going into this. Network type online business require a heavy investment whether for the budget or expertise forces (technical team).

Let’s move to Vendor. Vendor is the one who do business with their own product, whether is physical or digital. Physical online business like you set up your company offline but do sales online with a website. Seller at or also the vendor business owner. You probably ever see the ebook promotion online, that’s the digital product. If you have a good knowledge on certain field, you can try to write and sell your ebook online as a vendor.

Affiliate. Affiliate marketing is common term in internet marketing, which the ‘promoter’ promote others product to earn commission. For examples, affiliate marketer promote physical product of Amazon to get paid or promote digital product (ebook) at clickbank. Affiliate marketing is profitable if you are good in marketing. Note that the internet marketing is different from the offline marketing technically, means you need to know how to promote things on various platform.

Publisher. This type of make money online way done by many. For example a blogger as a publisher to put ads on his/her blog to make money. Because of being a publisher too easy, thus to stand out as a publisher to make a living with that earning is not easy. It require long term of hard work, consume long time (from months even to years) and depend on ability of that person. But the benefits of being a online publisher is that you’ll have stable and long termed income, unlike affiliate marketer you need to keep work on the promotion to make money.

Now can you see a pyramid here? Network > Vendor > Affiliate > Publisher. You need to choose which category you want to get into. I suggest for those who never start making money online to be a publisher first, because at there you’ll learn many technical things and have enough knowledge which help you in others category. Go to and set up a blog, write something and promote it, most importantly is to play with it.

So, these are ways to make money online. Remember to make money online there is not shortcut in any category. Once again I stress on what is make money online. This entry is not about teaching how to make money online so can have a coffee, but look into the online business mode. Many people said they did making money online but with, churpchurp etc ‘kid stuff’ program, I believe that will not bring you to the next level even you are able to have few hundred dollar a month with that.

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