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Voucher RM200 Buku 1Malaysia

Voucher RM200 Buku 1Malaysia, you can now start to redeem.

As announced by Y.A.B. Malaysian Prime Minister and Minister of Finance during 2012 Budget Presentation on October 7, 2011 in Parliament, the government would give RM200 book vouchers to students who are in IPT. Each student is eligible to receive a book voucher of RM200 (RM50 voucher in the form of 4 pieces).

Government plans to allocate RM260 million to implement the grant initiative voucher book. This initiative aims to reduce the burden of expense is the student’s academic books. In addition, this initiative is to foster interest in reading among Malaysians.

Voucher Buku 1Malaysia :

Voucher- Buku- 1Malaysia- RM200

QUALIFICATION CRITERIA for the Voucher Buku 1Malaysia

Students who are eligible to receive assistance vouchers 1Malaysia Books (BB1M) is composed of :

- Malaysian citizen;

- Leavers SPM or its equivalent, who is pursuing his studies at the center of matriculation / Form 6 / Polytechnic / institutions of higher learning in the field of diploma, advanced diploma, degree, masters and doctor of philosophy;

- While further studies and an active status in the center of matriculation / Form 6 / higher education institutions in January 2012;

- Students who are currently pursuing full-time and part-time;

- Students who are pursuing the program of cooperation and register under a subsidiary company in respect of IHL;

- Student who study in university or institutions that under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education or recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency;

- Students in Teacher Education Institutions (IPG) under the Bachelor of Teaching (PISMP) are not eligible for these vouchers for having book allowance of RM600;

- Students who are currently undergoing field of Postgraduate Teaching Course (trains) are not eligible for this assistance as a career coach is a pre-service training (given allowances).

IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD of Voucher Buku 1Malaysia

This initiative is a one-off for the session beginning in 2012 alone.Voucher is valid for 3 months used only, ie January 1 to March 31, 2012.


- Vouchers will be printed by the Print Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB) and then distributed to all agencies / institutions;

- This voucher is for the purchase of books – academic books, journals, magazines, scientific and educational equipment based on the IPT needs;

- Students can use this voucher at any participating bookstores implementation of this initiative. Students must fill out name and identity card vouchers. Students are required to show identification cards when using this voucher;

- If the purchase amount is less than RM200, students are allowed to purchase educational equipment such as notebook and stationery. The remaining vouchers are not used up is considered expired and can not be claimed;

- If the purchase amount exceeds RM200, students must pay their own and may not make additional claims to the Government;

- Received book vouchers can not be transmitted in the form of cash;

- Voucher validity period is for 3 months;

Voucher RM200 1Malaysia reimbursement will be made by the bookstore directly to the National Savings Bank (BSN). Claims can only be done until 30 April 2012.

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