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Twitter Azwan Ali Hacked

Twitter Azwan Ali Hacked.

19 Jan 2012, Twitter account belongs to an local celebrity Azwan Ali was hacked in this morning. The hacker claimed he is a member from RileksCrew who named JackSparrow. JackSparrow is a pro local hacker that previously ever hacked many Malaysia artists fan page on Facebook. Twitter Azwan Ali

The purpose of the hacks by Jack mainly are just to test the security of those account (fb, twitter or email). But why Azwan Ali to be the target this time? Maybe Azwan had raised some attention when having few controversy with his sister and the past Prime Mister, Dr Mahathir.

Twitter Azwan Ali Hacked

Twitter Azwan Ali Hacked

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Above screenshot is a series of status updated in twitter using hacked Azwan Ali account. The background also been changed. Like / Share this entry, Twitter Azwan Ali Hacked.

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