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The do and do not on make money online 2012

Can you still make money online in year 2012? The answer is definitely a big Yes for those who still earning last year. But for those who get hyped (or failed) may doubt is it possible or not in 2012 to make money online.

The do and do not on make money online 2012

I’m going to share which things to stick to and what things to give up in order to help a newbie to make some bucks and have a worth investment for their time.


1) Blogging

2) Affiliate

3) PPC

4) Social media

5) Vendor typed biz

Do not

1) PTC

2) read emails to get paid

3) pay per post

4) new online MLM

5) new referral program

Don’t invest even a second to try like “surf to get paid” stuff in 2012, because you’re way behind. Compare to blogging for example, you at least have a stable base that a mature site one day may bring you passive income in future. The technology keep evolve, and the new methods keep pop-ing up. The old stuff we must forget about them. For the DO part, you’ll see it is harder to see the cash, but believe me, these are good for future rather than ‘playing’ those DON’T stuff which are only able to get you a peanut and worthless later.

Wish you have a good start this year with strong passion to make money online in year 2012!


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