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Shoutbox free for blogger

Looking for a Shoutbox free for blogger?

Introducing Fibox, a new and free shoutbox for blogger. Due to shoutmix has ended their free shoutbox service, some blogger were struggle to find a free one to replace.

Fibox is an ajax shoutbox which very advance and still in beta testing period. Even in beta testing period, Fibox and its features is very stable and ready to use. Fibox is still beta because it still have a lots of features to be added in future.

1. Register Fibox at

2. Sign up to continue

3. Verify email, then log in

4. Grab the code and paste it into blogger widget

I like Fibox because you can log in via Facebook to moderate the visitor comment. You can also skip to register an account by filling up all those detail by clicking the log in via facebook button.

Fibox, rated 4/5 star – a very useful & free Shoutbox for blogger

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