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SBPA 2012 delay

SBPA 2012 to be delay. The Cabinet decided to defer the implementation of the SBPA, which took effect starting 1 January. The delay of SBPA 2012 is believed due to dissatisfaction among the majority of civil servants. This decision was made during a meeting on Yesterday.

The Cabinet considered the three main reasons for delay in deciding the SBPA.

“Among them there was no adequate consultation with employee representatives (trade unions) and the percentage of salary increase is not balanced between the lower and top staff,”

Prior to this there is allegations that the staff and senior management team received higher salary increases, which will be reaching 50 percent. However, it has been denied by the Director General of Public Service, Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah last month.

“It will likely take several months, is also likely only be implemented after the election ended.” Senior officials refused to confirm the services that matter.

On 18 December, Kongres Kesatuan Pekerja-pekerja in the Public Service (Cuepacs) to stand firm in demanding the government to delay the implementation of SBPA and to negotiate with the main body of civil society.

SBPA 2012 delay, what is your thought?


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