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Samsung Galaxy S III leaked

Samsung Galaxy III leaked. Samsung Galaxy S series product had hit the sales of 30 millions worldwide make the people to have more excitement to witness the next Galaxy S phone.

The media have found a mystery large screen phone (4.65 inch) from a Samsung’s official released video. It said that could be the new Samsung Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S III leaked

Samsung Galaxy S III leaked

1. Specs :

South Korean media also has leaked the latest Samsung GALAXY S III functional specifications. According to their statement quoted the sources of Samsung GALAXY SIII’s internal code-named “MIDAS”, will be equipped with 4.65 inches of HD Super AMOLED Plus touch screen, supports a resolution of 720p (1280 × 720pixel) level, while the machine will be built-in camera to upgrade to 12 million pixels and also using the latest sensor, even in the case of poor lighting conditions, it can also take a clear picture of nature, and even 60 frames per second recording screen 1080p full HD video.

2. The Quad-Core Processor

According to the South Korean media reports, Samsung plans to GALAXY S III mobile phone on the latest release of quad-core processor, clocked at 1.5GHz to 1.8GHz. Samsung’s latest release of Exynos 4412quad-core processors are most likely to use for the GALAXY S III.The processor features use a 32-nanometer manufacturing process, based on ARM Cortex A9 architecture to clock at 1.5GHz. Compared to the past, the biggest improvement is the use of 4 core and the Mali-T604 GPU, the graphics processing power are 5 times improved.

3. Officially released next month

GALAXY S series as the third generation of Samsung’s flagship, the aircraft will be equipped with Android 4.0 system, and has a new version of Samsung’s own TouchWiz interface. In order to obtain a smoother control of the speed, the aircraft will have 2GB of RAM. Others such as NFC near-field communication functions and LTE high-speed network will be added.

Samsung Galaxy S III, can’t wait to see its official launch. Hope we all can afford it, haha..

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