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Ramly burger halal

Ramly burger halal. On this previous post we shared a statement that we found on a forum telling the Ramly burger “Khinzir” issue.

We did doubt on that statement because Ramly burger is a top brand in Malaysia. We also suspected the “letter” was made by somebody to destroy the company’s good reputation.

Other defamations like the company had been sold to a non-Muslim businessman also seem suspicious.

Today we have good news regard this matter halal matter. We found that the Ramly burger Shd Bhd has take action to against the defamations by reporting to the related authority.

Ramly burger halal

ramly burger

Ramly Burger Shd Bhd claimed that they owned over 1000 workers who all are Muslim and the founder, Dato’ Hj. Ramly Bin Mokni owned fully Ramly Burger Shd Bhd. You can call 03-61842972 to get more information or anything else regard Ramly burger halal issue.

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