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PTPTN funds conned by private college

Breaking news! PTPTN funds conned by private college! A private college in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan ‘con’ money on Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) students silently when doing fraud by means of a ‘debit’ of the student’s account by force.

Over 400 college students last year was identified were intrigued by the college management action, and it involves money worth nearly 8 million ringgit. The student representative to act to report to the police, including complaints to the Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM).

PTPTN fund conned by private college

One of the students, who wished to be known as Fiza, 24, said students should receive a RM18, 000 as subsistence money of the total loan of RM56, 000. But she said, they only received RM100 each semester and management often give excuses every time the balance of the PTPTN funds requested.

“We were forced to sign the loan form and not given an opportunity to review the details of the loan include a signature to imitate our parents.

In the meantime, another student known as Lidiya, made the college finally agreed to give the excess of the loan after two police reports were made. She said she had been asked to sign a letter stating that she had received all the outstanding loans and cannot claim any money from the college. 

“However, I only received RM9, 000 only half the amount should be,” she said.

There were among students who have completed their studies but to have not received fully their PTPTN funds balance, whereas in the same time they have to pay back the PTPTN loan.

PTPTN funds conned by private college, be aware all the college student.

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