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Open a successful online shop

How to open a successful online shop? I’ve witness many did it wrongly and failed of course. Surprising Malaysia has a rising statistic on ecommerce expenses in year 2011 by the Malaysian, probably this stat was the market for some. I’m going to give up opinion after I analysed why most of the people fail to run a successful online shop.

Open a successful online shop

i) Professional ecommerce site design is a must.

This is vital and worth to go for it if you’re really serious want to run an online biz. The proper designed online shop is the biggest factor that determine a visitor to buy or not. Your potential buyer will shift to others if they feel no secure of using your site to proceed. You probably will argue with me, saying that some blog shop don’t have a system still can sell. My answer to you is look at the well themed & well maintained ecommerce site and blog shop, compare and tell me which sell more. The most common mistake I saw is many website didn’t stand out, rather just default template. I give you a great example of professional ecommerce site : ipmart (my style as usually, lazy give you link, train you to google it out) then assume that you as a buyer, will you purchase goods from that store or still claim yours can get sales..


ii) Needs of promoting skill & maintenance knowledge for online shop.

I witnessed few very successful online shop (give you some inspiration : ipmart, egonutrition, beautymyth & few more) and found out they have a webmaster that in charge to ensure everything work fine from time to time. Not just that, they do SEO to rank their site in google, which this step I think became the no.1 factor enable them to kick off others in their field. Look at egonutrition, their biz keep expanding because the phrase “bodybuilding supplement” searches bring buyers in, and I cannot imagine how much sales done because despite of the seed keyword, other sub-keywords like the product name phrases also rank egonutrition site on the top on google.


iii) To have sufficient products.

I don’t know what’s so fun about selling in small scale (yet want to build up a shop online). A shop online which require hosting that you need to pay yearly. For me even build a facebook fan page which is free to spam 1-2 product to sell (so-called) is a waste of time and worthless. You can go auction site like if you are lacking of budget. The point  people want to have an online shop is that online shop give customers a branding, an exact place to buy directly, that avoid competition from outside and can convert buyers into loyal customers.

 Open a successful online shop is not easy. You must have enough knowledge to run it. Online shops are everywhere, but I still prefer few seller and stop my searches because not much online shops were able to give me that kind of satisfaction. As a conclusion to open a successful online shop is about how to stand out and be the best. This topic will be continue later because there’s a lots to talk about online shop on the technical aspect.

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