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Malaysia to become world’s leading condom manufacturer

Malaysia will become the world’s leading condom manufacturer soon.

NEW DELHI, 13 January – Malaysia will become the major condom manufacturer in the world by this year, leaving behind Thailand as a market leader, according to the Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council (MREPC). MREPC said, Malaysia has now gained a third of world production, which easily surpassed level of one billion.

“We can become the world’s number one producer of this year due to floods in Thailand. The figure last year’s production figures can surpass one billion condoms,” said Director of Marketing and development, Low Yoke Kiew said.

In 2010, Malaysia was the fourth largest producer of natural rubber of the world, has exported the contraceptive sheath worth close to RM300 million, nearly three times the value of exports in 2005.

Asia’s leading manufacturers – Thailand, China, India, Japan and Malaysia – continued flooding global markets with a total of more than 10 billion pieces, are sold in various colours, even in a conservative country like India.

United Nations (UN) also promote the awareness of condom users health. In China, more than two billion condoms are sold, in Japan sold 580 million per year, while production India has over a billion pieces.

“Condom Malaysia has good demand and competitive too. We currently supply to many PBB programs. We expect good growth for all of our latex products this year, including condoms,” said Yoke Kiew.

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