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Make money with blogspot

Sound like to good to be true but I did it & why don’t you try to make some money with blogspot? I dare this task because this proven facts making and made so many people think that make money with blogspot isn’t possible. Most of the people don’t make even a cent with blogspot doesn’t mean you cannot make money with it.

Make money with blogspot

Make money with blogspot

3 main key to make money with blogspot

# 1. Content

Unique content is a must since the google panda updates. I tried PLR spun content but no luck. I won’t mind to tell you this because I don’t want you to repeat my mistakes, repeat steps and ideas that was failed. Remember this, this is so curial – Unique content. Don’t copy and paste others blog articles.

# 2. Ad network

My personal favourite ascending order :

i) Adsense

ii) Innity

iii) Nuffnang

iv) Says, Churp etc

Adsense although sometime the CPC just suck on your general niche site, (meaning that you no aiming target keywords that pay higher CPC) but the consistent payment system make me happy with my hard earn monthly income. Innity & Nuffnang will pay even you have low CTR or no clicks if your site get run their CPM ads. Innity and Nuffnang have great support. & Churp2 require you to change the links when they reached the maximum clicks, I’m tired honestly.

# 3. Traffic

I recommend pure organic traffic from search engine rather than social media. Social media is important but to develop a long term and longer lasting website, visibility to search engine is a big advantage. Build backlinks consistently is a changeling here, don’t give up to early. You should start to see 50 visit a day after a month if you create and optimize unique contents and do some SEO work.

Make money with blogspot? Actually it’s make money with website (or blogging?). Yea blogspot still have some limit in term of features but still have potential to make money. Learn to become a better webmaster!

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