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Make money online Malaysia

Make money online Malaysia. I write this entry because there are common money making methods that doesn’t work in Malaysia. But the advantage to make money online in Malaysia is the lack of competition. It’s good for a newcomer to try to compete inside of the country first before plan to go international.

Ideas to make money online in Malaysia

# 1. Use what we have that others don’t in Malaysia eg website like lelong, lowyat garage sales, mudah, cari etc. If your products really can sell, try to optimize your quality of time and post them in those 4 marketplace mentioned above.

# 2. Local program that you shouldn’t miss out. For example local ads company like Nuffnang & Innity are ready to allow you to write in Bahasa Melayu to enter this smaller competition market to start to make money online. and ChurpChurp are other two program for newbies to taste some bucks in their main land.

# 3. Local affiliate program. Well when I do the keyword research for local market, I a bit of upset because of its searches volume. But some niche are empty competition at all. It’s still worth to launch local friendly product like ‘kek lapis Sarawak’ that is very easy to grap the No.1 SERP if you are quite enough.

# 4. Local freelancing. I found out this field require network to make more money. Well actually not in freelancing we need to know a lots of people, but local freelancing strategy require better connection and also higher value of services. You can try to post to mudah (sort by stats and area), offer some services like graphic design, website developement, photography, writing etc.

# 5. Local PTC – don’t. I advice you never look into this, even the international PTC stuff is dying one by one. You probably can get scam because local market has no enough advertiser to have a continuous  cash flow for the PTC program.

# SEO for Offline clients. You can outsource some of your work to others via online while keeping the contract with your clients. However you need to have enough experience to have a successful offline seo consultant agency because in technology things keep change.

Make money online Malaysia, not as flexible as the international ideas and methods but there is some hidden goldmine to dig them out.

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