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KL Gangster 2

KL Gangster 2 said to be more aggressive and action of stunning than the KL Gangster 1. The previous episode, the first KL Gangster was the top sell movie which conducted about 11 million ringgit. Plus KL Gangster 1 was only available on 60 cinema in Malaysia yet made a successful launching.

KL Gangster 2 will be release in the end of year 2012. The filem now is on the shooting progress.


Synopsys KL Gangster 2:

Two brothers, Aaron Aziz Malek acting and starring Jai Adi Putra has been caught up in gangster activity indirectly after the death of their father10 years ago. As their lives difficult, they are threatened and coerced bygangsters who ask them first father’s debt. They live in a shortage of funds with his mother (my sister Faridah and (Shera Iskandar). Jai beganthe wild because she wanted to make money no matter what way.

Although Malek opposed but Jai Jai action ignores the advice Malek,Malek began to worry and stress plus their mother suffering from cancer.Shera had been raped by Tailong (Rosyam Nor) a big gangster in KL andactively carry out illegal activities, all gangster-gangster Tailong abide bythe feared act as power of influence.

King (Ridzuan Hashim) and Shark (Syamsul Yusof) plans to strengthentheir position and try to bring down Tailong. They have been getting the help I jugak Malek good friend King. Offered rewards far Malek, Malekdid not rule out of fear that the medical costs incurred to treat his mother.King started strong and powerful with the help of Malik, but Malik washated and driven by his mother because do not like his actions involved with gangsters.

Meanwhile Tailong feel threatened and planned to destroy Malek, andKing, there is a great battle between Tailong and the King, they almostlost to Tailong but escaped when the police arrived. Malek saw the tattooon her body with tattoo Tailong his father’s murderer, and began toTailong Malek revenge. Berjayakah Malek took revenge on his father’s death at the hands Tailong and what the outcome?

Can’t wait to watch KL Gangster 2!

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