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Key to success blogging

Key to success blogging? What is the definition of success mean by you?

If you means to gain a lots of readers, make your site get tons of unique visitors or as well as your blogging can bring you passive income then you should continue to read this article till the end.

success blogging

Let’s focus on something that’s small this time, so my topic : Key to success blogging – Know yourself that really matter.

Key to success blogging

- Know yourself that really matter.

Are you handsome or pretty enough to become a blog star? Haha just kidding, everyone is unique, so just be yourself. But the fact is not everyone uniqueness can gain popularity and readership. I’ve seen few hot chick that can’t write at all make money online by blogging. But I’ve also seen some anonymous make some cool blogs. My point is figure out what you want to be (and also what you can be). If you’re kinda ‘tech’ guy I suggest you learn more on technical things instead of struggle everyday, forcing yourself to write romance article that is suck logically. You must know yourself well to at least figure out what are the possibility that could you done in future.

Case study : A blog star no need to learn seo. Well it’s good that she/he know that but my advice is she/he should shows what they got to being call a star. Do you see some humour guys on Youtube making money with seo? No, they show off their talent.


- Know yourself that really matter. What’s the best thing that you can do / want to do / willing to do?

This is important as blogging is a long term ‘job’. Don’t force your to write something everyday but you don’t like to do so at all. You will fail one day if you don’t enjoy writing on what you like because I bet you quit soon.

Case study : A tech geek always excited to geek something that’s for him, worth to share with people. If you suddenly have an idea in head wanted to be an information deliverer for certain niche, honestly that’s not enough and my advice is DON’T START first. Because later you’ll end up with lack of contents that you feel like to write about. You need to have the blueprint before you start. For example you want to write about android, because you think you could, you say you’re like computer. But in future you may like computer tablet stuffs. See? You must stick on a niche and don’t mess it up, thus research to come up with a plan is vital.

Key to success blogging – Know yourself that really matter. Go in front of the mirror, look at yourself, try to analyse your ability, your interest field, find where’s your passion to ensure a successful start on blogging.


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