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Kamal Ashnawi Trillionaire Malaysia

Kamal Ashnawi Trillionaire Malaysia? I read a news report about an interview of The Star journalist with Kamal Ashnawi, so-called Trillionaire Malaysia. He alleged that he was the the descendants of the Emperor of China & has the wealth of 86.7% of all money in the world.

Kamal Ashnawi Trillionaire Malaysia

He also claimed to have hidden assets in a cave that is guarded by two old people in China.

He treats them as the immortal to guard the cave. if who attempts to enter the cave without permission, they will vomit blood and die. Inside the cave there has tall gold bars arranged, stone jets worth U.S. $ 15 million & precious stones valued at U.S. $ 10 million. To get to the cave he was climbing the hill for 4 hours. The location is in Kunming, China.

Kamal Ashnawi Trillionaire Malaysia (2)

Apart from the wealth in the cave, he has money in secret bank in 1000 banks worldwide.

3 years ago when Kamal watch the story “National Treasure”, he laughed and he said the property that in the film is too few compared with to property that he’ve found in the secret cave.

Kamal Ashnawi Trillionaire Malaysia or not, for me that doesn’t make sense, and I hope this guy can really be a rich guy in his dream.

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