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Increase Nuffnang earning

How to increase Nuffnang earning? For those who don’t know what is Nuffnang, well nuffnang is local (Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore) blog advertising company to let blogger earn money using their blog. When you ask how to improve Nuffnang earning then I want to ask you back, how you improve your blog traffic.

A lousy blog won’t have enough traffic to make a living using nuffnang. Even with adsense, innity etc still that blog is dead, will not make any income.

But this entry is about tips to increase Nuffnang earning so I focus on what should you do except keep stress on the traffic matter.

Increase Nuffnang earning

1. Blog placement

Use all 3 placement i) header, between content & sidebar. I have experienced the between content placement (large rectangle or rectangle ad format ad) have best CTR rate. Make your header ad visible to your reader. Don’t put the header too top, far from the content, it’s waste. Some blog template design have a large height of header will make your header ad invisible to your reader if you put the ad placement above the blog title. (this is what most of the blogger do)

2. Float ad

This is optional but I saw many ‘money blogger’ doing it and earn better. Nuffnang allow you to float your ad at the sidebar unlike the strict adsense, this is a good news. How to float? Use the code below :

<div style=”position:fixed;bottom:5px;left:5px;float:left”>

your nuffnang ad code here


Conclusion : Actually there is no secret to increase nuffnang earning. Yes there’s a lot to talk about on getting traffic, seo, blogging etc but no secret or trick will work to increase nuffnang earning just like that. If you have done the above 2 steps above, you are done from the expect of Nuffnang ad optimize perspective.

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