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How to pay the PTPTN

How to pay the PTPTN? Being a Malaysian I think most of you sure know what is PTPTN. But PTPTN got many version you know? Some people think PTPTN is pain, even some said is PTPTipu.. (sigh)

You won’t have headache paying back the PTPTN if you have the right attitude to face it, that you owe PTPTN. Some asshole loan PTPTN but never pay back, lol what a coward & retard these people are.. Don’t do that, just few hundreds a month, don’t you remember how PTPTN helped you to complete your education? If no PTPTN maybe now you hang out with some bangla man!

How to pay PTPTN?

I cannot see your future in details, but you can, at least you can put some efforts now. Let’s say you loaned 50k PTPTN, then you just need to pay RM300+ when you are 30 years old later. Just RM100++ after you graduate, eh you plan to sleep at home after graduate? Don’t have RM100 (only)?

Even worker who work at kopitiam can have salary increment, RM300 later a month is piece of cake if you are a senior engineer or manager at 30’s!

Better brain make money agree or not? Use your brain wisely, come on you are an university student who owned a better brain than others, so perhaps you already making RM500 per month during your study period in the universtiy. If you are a game freak then I need to tell you that you are more or less like those who failed SPM and gaming whole day folks out there man..

Don’t think that PTPTN cut off your money, you better save some bucks on other things. This is what happened to many people, they do not willing to pay the PTPTN loan because by doing so they are richer! Stupid & asshole..

How to pay the PTPTN? Answer : How come you cannot pay PTPTN. Don’t get a car that cost you RM1k a month if your salary is just RM2k+ because that car will become a burden. If you did , you can’t play PTPTN, because you’re an asshole and stupid, and greedy folks as well..

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