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How to make money with Adsense

How to make money with Adsense? Well Adsense has no difference (there’s but wait) with nuffnang & innity etc.. I mean the way how adsense work – the business modal, is the same.

In this post – Make money with Adsense, I just want to help the new comers who struggle to choose whether adsense, innity or nuffnang to monetize their site.

Few points to urge you to use adsense :

1) Global company that have reputation. You play the game fair, they’ll threat you fair. Yeah there are tons of people hate adsense, because get banned by Google. Well these people firstly had ticked the agreement box but then against the rules set by Google so get banned, but after that want to blame Google? who’s fault? If you are 100% whitehat guy, use adsense, it’s very worth for your site. They are people make a living just with adsense alone.

2) Good cpc (cost per click). It depend actually, sometime it pay higher sometime not. But my adsense pay way higher than the local ad companies. If you owned a niche that’s pay high cpc (like auto, insurance, medical blog), you’ll enjoy the benefits which local ad publishers won’t do.

3) High CTR. Well the targeting technology is great! It will display related ads to the readers, hence have higher CTR. My adsense CTR have 2% while I tested and served a local ad companies ads show it’s below 1%. With adsense, you no need (actually cannot) to float your ads to force people to click them.

4) Monthly payment. I enjoy the cash monthly at hand. I make it auto cash out with Western Union. However you need to reach at least 100 dollars to qualify.

5) Tracking technology is superb. None of those local ad companies can have this advance stuff. I can generate report in details and analyse my visitor’s behaviour, definitely help me to improve my revenue performances.

6) Adsense blog. A blog that teach you to become a better publishers. Google provide everything that you need to try to train you to become a better webmaster. The big community support is other great benefits beside the blog and recourses by Google. You can get your questions answered fast because there are many experienced Adsense publisher.

How to make money with Adsense? The first step is to choose and trust Adsense of course! The difficulty (a bit) to get approve to become an Adsense publisher proven Adsense is a serious business. Second tips on How to make money with Google Adsense : be serious.

How to start to make money with Adsense?

1) Believe Adsense can make money.

2) Be serious as Adsense is not a game for fun

3) Start a blog, get started.

4) To be continue..

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