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How to create a blog

How to create a blog? What is a blog? How to create a blog without having any website development knowledge?

What is a blog ?

A blog is just like a website. Allowing you to publish content without edit the entire website. Blog can be a personal diary, informational site, cooperate website even a shopping cart. Create a blog is so easy even you are not from the IT background.

How to create a blog

Few option here, here’s a list of online application that you can register free and get your blog started in few minutes. Of course the contents may use up some more of your time so that your blog doesn’t look empty. You may want to make your blog design pretty, but that’s the later part, so now let’s learn how to create a blog.

# 1. Visit and you’ll know how to create a blog. Yes seriously nowadays these application is so user friendly. You will be guide step by step how to set up a blog.

# 2. Visit if you don’t have a google account to use blogger. WordPress is another popular platform that you can use to create a blog.

Hope this entry help, mainly for those who never know the way to have a blog. How to create a blog? The answer is register an account then take action.

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