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How Adsense identify Adult content

Google Adsense official blog was posted the elaboration of the rules on the definition of adult content.

The post explanation of what sites that will be consider as an adult site. We cannot not put Google Adsense ads if our website contains adult contents. If not Google will stop advertising or even disable the entire publisher account.

Under the Google AdSense program policies, publishers of web content “must not contain pornographic or adult content”. Actually according to Google interpretation, this means the adult content refers to the “adult content” that is not suitable for children.

How Adsense identify Adult content

# 1. Pornographic content in the form of texts as well as the pornographic pictures & videos.

# 2. “Leading adult content” such as pornographic images, videos and flash. (sexy gesture etc)

# 3. Obscene content or unhealthy tendencies such as “sexy legs stockings” and so on.

# 4. Adult products.

# 5. Sex education. Only formal sex educational content are allow.

# 6. Site that in running with adult ads.


Be aware of your posts. Your site will be disable and probably never have the chance back to put Adsense ad anymore in future if you against this policy even you are not purposely to do that.


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