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Hide navbar blogspot

Why hide navbar blogspot? Many people want to have a unique blog. Unique design that make their blog doesn’t same with the others is their desire.

The navbar inside blogspot is a good feature for navigation, but somehow it’s annoying for some users. How to hide the navbar of blogspot?

hide navbar

There are few method to do it.

Hide navbar blogspot

Method # 1 – use negative margin. Use margin-top:-10px will drag the page content a little bit up, and hided the navbar by do so. However this may leave a blank space on the footer (but some template are fine).

Method # 2 – Use class of css to set display:none. Here’s how it work :

i) From Dashboard go to ‘design’ then go to ‘edit HTML’

ii) Then add this code before the ‘<body>’ tag :

#navbar-iframe {
display: none ;

iii) Save the changes.

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