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Finalist AJL 26

Finalist AJL 26 released! Anugerah Juara Lagu this year (26 th) will be held on 29 January soon. Who will grab some awards going home? Let’s together we wait for the coming day and perhaps TV3 as usual will have the live shows on TV.

I think most of the AJL fans also can stream the show online by visiting TV3 online streaming service website. Once again live stream is unlike youtube which consume more bandwidth than youtube. In order to watch AJL 26 online smoothly, you are recommend to have 1mbps connection speed. 512kbps seem not enough and will facing ‘lagging’ problem because many users on that day will tune on that website.

Below are those nominated finalist of AJL 26:

Finalist AJL 26

Finalist AJL 26

  1. Kalau Berpacaran (Shohaimi Mior Hassan Shohaimi Mior Hassan / Ana Raffali / Altimet)
  2. Karma – Faizal Tahir (Audi Mok/Faizal Tahir/Audi Mok/Faizal Tahir)
  3. Penakut – Yuna (Yuna/Yuna)
  4. Sedetik Lebih – Anuar Zain (Edry Abd Halim/Edry Abd Halim)
  5. Gadis Semasa – Yuna (Yuna/Yuna)
  6. Awan Nano – Hafiz (M.Nasir/Budi Hekayat)
  7. Cinta Muka Buku – Najwa Latif (Najwa Latif/Ika Latif)
  8. Beribu Sesalan – Ning Baizura/Jaclyn Victor/Shila Amzah (Kevin Chin/Tinta)
  9. Kekanda Adinda – Atilia & Monoloque (Monoloque/Monoloque)

10. Wanita Seluruh Dunia – Projek Pistol (Boy Clifford/Boy Clifford)

11. Sungai Lui – Aizat (Aizat/Anas, Aizat/Anas)

12. Kisah Hati – Alyah (Manusia Putih/Manusia Putih)

Congratulation to Yuna who get 2 songs nominated in AJL 26. So let’s vote who will win the best song.. My personal choice is Kisah Hati by Alyah hehe..

Btw, all the best to all Finalist AJL 26.

* updated : live streaming anugerah juara lagu 26

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