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Filesonic shutdown?!

Filesonic shutdown?!

Filesonic, one of the Internet’s leading file sharing services, has taken some drastic measures following the Megaupload shutdown and arrests last week.

In addition to discontinuing its affiliates rewards program and not yet paying accrued money to members, the site has disabled all sharing functionality, leaving users only with access to their own files.

Filesonic shutdown

filesonic shutdown

Filesonic is among the top 10 file-sharing sites on the Internet, with a quarter billion page views a month.

While there has been no official explanation from the site as to why the above actions were taken, all eyes are turned towards events of the last week – the closure of Megaupload and the arrest of its founder and management team.

Like Megaupload, Filesonic appears to based in Hong Kong and it’s clear that the authorities there already worked with the US government to shut down Kim Dotcom’s operations and seize his assets there. Filesonic is also believed to have some US-based servers.

Bye pirate? Can’t wait to see other top sites like fileserve, filejungle, uploadstation etc reaction on Filesonic’s shocking decision. Filesonic shutdown topic has been becoming the hot topic in forums since this morning.

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