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Facebook Nur Amalina ‘diceroboh’

“Nur Amalina tidak liar – Ibu, Facebook pelajar paling cemerlang SPM diceroboh.” Finally there is an update regard this issues, but the news appear on the newspaper seem very not logic and funny.. What is ‘diceroboh?’ Do someone need to ceroboh her account so make her hair color turn into gold?

I personally never deny the excellency of Amalina in academic and I believed the comments by the public were also not wanted to point on her academic performance. The deny said Amalina is not “liar” seem doesn’t explain the details and for sure might not enough to satisfy some people’s curiosity especially for those who might look into Amalina’s issue with a more sensitive perfective.

Facebook Nur Amalina ‘diceroboh’

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What is your point of view about this deny? For me it’s like someone thought us who don’ t have the 17A1 all are idiots lol!!

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