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Easy way to make money online

This entry is for newbie who never get a cent from the internet! Read this entry (Easy way to make money online) until the end and I guarantee you can tell others you did make some buck online. Forget about these and never apply them : SEO, PPC, Internet marketing & Affiliate because you don’t have to.

Easy way to make money online.  Step by step guide revealed!

1. Sign up

Let me explain how work first. The advertisers pay, then the’s community and publishers promote the ads using the social media (facebook, twitter etc) to get pay. So, sign up now using your Facebook account.

2. Promote

You get clicks at your ads link then you will have 20 cent per click, simple or not? But I advice you do not post your link to others fan page or worst the comment section, which I consider these as spam or blind marketing. I’ll give you how some smart people get pay to have their pocket money monthly just by using

Case study :

They owned a Facebook page. No matter what kind of page their have, the most important is they owned a ‘base’ there. How hard to earn RM10 buck (50 clicks needed) if a Fan page owner have about 10k-20k fans on Facebook?

Trick : Mask your link and post along with a funny pictures. Observe the clicks using bitl.y account, after the amount of clicks reached, remove it. Note that the interesting pictures can get share by the fans, so the link go viral along with it. Also with the video is the same thing. If your ‘source’ is good, you even can change the link after maximum earning per campaign is done. How about you don’t have a fan page? Yeah most of you don’t have it. Start to build it, simple.. After a month you will witness a complete noob (you) making pocket money online with easy jobs, do better than some spammer who I quite pity on them because keep post stupid links to beg people to join their online MLM program on people’s wall on Facebook!

Easy way to make money online? Yes super easy and no technical skills is required. Just find stuff and upload, how hard is that? These earning can buy you few lunch every month. What is worth for a noob is while you are addicting to Facebook daily, why don’t you spend 10-15 minutes to get something? 

This is only a kind of easy way to make money online. Remember there’s no border on methods, all the best.


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